• What causes blocked drains?

    We often don’t think about our plumbing systems until something goes wrong.

    Toilet not flushing? Drains noticeably slow to drain? If you can see, smell or hear a difference in your drains, toilets or sinks, there’s probably a blocked drain to blame.

    Read more from your blocked drain plumber, Fremantle Plumbing, to learn see what causes blocked drains, how you can prevent them, and how your Plumber in Perth can come to the rescue.

    The main types of blocked drains

    Perhaps your kitchen sink is draining slowly, your toilet is making a gurgling noise, or a tree root has made a home within your broken pipes.

    There’s many causes for your blocked drains and calling your local Fremantle plumber will have your plumbing woes diagnosed and repaired quick smart.


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