• Shane Zoe

    Shane Zoe

    I'm Shane Zoe Blue Baroness of Equals,


    but my friends call me Shane Zoe.

    What exactly am i doing? And what am i doing here? What are my motivations?

    I will travel here “briefly”.

    As already mentioned, I'm Shane Zoe,


    Shane Zoe is my stage name and since this is also a “double first name” there are often minor problems as soon as a last name has to be given. So this is ????? “Blue” Why? I love blue and everyone can see it exactly * smile *


    I am an open, witty-with rather black humor, flexible, ambitious young woman and therefore have several projects, some of them very different. Which I will of course also explain “briefly”. For this reason, the start page is a little longer - more detailed



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